There will be no 21st century-learning without 21st-century teaching.

We believe in building a world where everyone is empowered to be a change-maker and that journey starts in the classroom.

The 21st-century educator's role is to facilitate communication, collaboration and hands-on activities that bring the best out of students.

"Teaching is a creative profession. It’s not a delivery system"


Academy of Entrepreneurs™ has custom made Teacher Training Programs for High School and University Professionals.


Our programs offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance the participants' impact in the education environment. It is built for Classroom Teachers, Career Advisors, Academic Managers and Principals.

Our 5 module 

Teacher Training Emotional Intelligence Program is taught by leading entrepreneurs to:

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Increase self-control

  • Connect strength and skills

  • Boost creativity

  • Reduce stress

  • Enhance time management

  • Become more focused  

  • Increase strategic thinking

  • Maximise productivity and performance

  • Boost satisfaction and motivation

  • Increase teaching confidence and results

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills

Below is a summary of our 5 module program;

Day 1) CULTIVATING EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE IN TEACHERS; In this module, you will learn how to become more resilient and why this will benefit your teaching, not only for your students but for you personally. Once you understand how your thoughts, feelings, and actions impact you, you are better able to make positive changes. 

Day 2) PERSONAL POWER; Learn to identify your strengths and increase self-awareness, which in turn will increase your personal power. Unleash your ability to solve problems and achieve results.  

Day 3) BEHAVIOURAL SELF CONTROL; Identify how to keep disruptive emotions and impulses by using the Emotional Audit Tool, designed to buy time to provide you with the “space of mind” and the ability to choose a response rather than simply, and impulsively react in emotionally-charged situations.

Day 4) STRESS MANAGEMENT; Stress Management is the ability to work calmly under pressure. In this module, you will learn how to identify stress better. This will raise your self-awareness to the point that you are then able to create an action plan using the method available in this module.

Day 5) HACKATHON; Solve a program within the institution and present to the Head/Director/Principal

Certificate of Attainment

All participants will receive a certificate of attainment upon completion of Teacher Training Program

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